UNT Time Reporting Guidelines for COVID-19 Situation

Employees (non-exempt and exempt) who are performing regular work duties must follow normal timekeeping procedures and report hours worked and absences in the same way you would normally via timesheet entry or eLeave submittal. This applies whether working onsite or telecommuting from home or an alternate work location. Hours worked should continue to be reported as “REG – Regular Earnings” for salaried employees and “RHW – Regular Hours Worked” for hourly employees. Absence codes should reflect the appropriate reason for the absence for salaried employees. Examples of work that would be considered in response to the current health situation are included in the information that follows.

Emergency Response Work Only:

Starting March 13, employees (non-exempt and exempt) who are working in direct response to the current health situation, as directed and approved by your supervisor, and/or employees who are performing emergency response work (e.g. essential personnel) in direct response to the current health situation, must record the time worked on the response differently. For these situations, you will need to report the time worked using a special Time Reporting Code in the timesheet, which is called “REGER – Regular Earnings Emergency” or “RHWER – Regular Hours Worked Emerg” for salaried and hourly employees, respectively.

Time reporting for COVID-19 work needs to be reported beginning March 13 or whatever day after you were called to work on COVID-19 related work.

Work that is considered in direct response would include:

  • - Staff working overtime hours to get students back home when they would typically work on other job functions
  • - Staff working regular hours but rather than performing their regular job duties, are instead reimaging computers to ensure resources are available for students/faculty/staff in response to the current health situation
  • - COVID-19 planning meetings
  • - Time dedicated to outreach to students, faculty or staff regarding the situation
  • - Work dedication to sanitation and decontamination
  • - Developing new procedures or processes related to this health situation
  • - Prepping services or implementing changes to prepare for student needs
  • - Rescheduling events as a result of the current health situation

These would all need to be recorded need to be coded as emergency hours with the time code “REGER – Regular Earnings Emergency” or “RHWER – Regular Hours Worked Emerg” for salaried and hourly employees, respectively.

All regular work (your normal workload and/or normal job duties) should be reported as regular time worked, as indicated in the preceding section.

Sample timesheets are shown below, depicting a work week in which an employee:

  • - Was absent due to illness on Monday
  • - Worked regular job duties for 8 hours each day Tuesday through Friday
  • - Worked to respond directly to COVID-19 for 4 hours Tuesday and Thursday
  • - Worked 4 hours Saturday to respond directly to COVID-19

Salaried faculty or staff employee:

instructions from salaried faculty and staff image

Hourly employee:

instructions for hourly employees image

If you are unsure as to whether your work is part of your normal job responsibilities and additional duties, or whether it is considered emergency work in direct response to COVID-19, please consult with your manager or Human Resources for assistance.

*Note, the new REGER – Regular Earnings Emergency code will credit hours worked over 40 in a workweek to compensatory leave balances, for those employees who are eligible to receive compensatory leave under UNT Policy 05.062, Compensatory Leave and Overtime.